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  • by Charlotte Dawson

    Teaching Experience


    On our Ultimate Experience ski and snowboard courses Gappers get to become real instructors and teach at Tremblant’s Snow School. It is a very challenging experience (being responsible for 5 six year olds on a mountain!), and gives students the opportunity to try out their newly acquired skills and get a taste of what it’s really like to be an instructor.

    Once the gappers have qualified as CSIA and CASI Level 1 instructors, this work experience week is a great chance to put their internationally recognised teaching qualifications into practice. Having the opportunity to give real lessons immediately improves communication and leadership skills, as well as being a huge confidence boost. This definitely makes their first job as a ski or snowboard instructor much less daunting!

    Not only is it an invaluable experience and hugely rewarding, it will help their CV stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs in any field.

    Past gapper Liz said, “Despite the tears and cries for Mummy (and that was just from us!) it really was a week I couldn’t have gone without”.

    Teaching at the Snow School enables the Gappers to gain valuable experience as well as realising they are now fully fledged instructors!

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  • by Charlotte Dawson

    Past gapper gets his CASI Level 3 Snowboard Instructor Certification

    Great to hear from past gapper Mark that he passed his CASI Level 3 Snowboard Instructor Certification in Fernie this winter – huge congratulations! 

    CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) are the internationally recognised, professional snowboard teaching body in Canada. Obtaining Level 3 is for advanced snowboarders and no mean feat. It allows you to teach advanced students as well as beginning to lead instructor training. You must have extensive knowledge in teaching on-piste, freeride and freestyle.

    Mark completed our Ultimate Experience course a couple of winters ago and has been chasing the snow, teaching snowboarding in different resorts. This has allowed him to spend plenty of time working as an instructor, honing his communication, analysis and group management skills – one of many prerequisites to take the Level 3 qualification.   

    Even though Mark has already done our programme and continued his journey, we feel like proud parents! All our gappers become part of our awesome alumni family – we love keeping in touch and up to date with what they are up to. Fantastic to hear that Mark is now holding his CASI Level 3 qualification – this definitely cements his position within the snowboard industry as an amazing instructor!

  • by Charlotte Dawson

    Limited places

    Ski le Gap have a limited number of places. For the 2017/18 winter, we will operate with a maximum of 24 students to ensure the best experience both on and off the slopes.

    Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis – so don’t wait too long to sign!

    Please get in touch if you would like a copy of our registration form.

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  • by Charlotte Dawson

    Meet head coach Bruce’s mother – an absolute legend at 95 years old!

    Rhoda, mother of Ski le Gap’s head coach Bruce, is one half of the twins who conquered the world of ski racing. From jumping off a 40m rickety wooden ski jump (never attempted by a girl before) at the age of just 11 to representing Canada at the Winter Olympics, between the sisters they won virtually every ski race entered. Their historic achievements in ski racing have helped change the sport, empowering more women to get involved too. They are an inspiration to everyone – read a lovely article on their success here.

    Rhoda’s ski ability was definitely passed on to her son Bruce, who we are lucky enough to have as our head coach. Bruce is a CSIA Level 4 ski instructor and course conductor, the highest level of Canadian certification. Perhaps the only other higher achievement would be making the Interski demonstration team, which he has done 3 times! He has also competed 4 years in world cup freestyle skiing, ranking 7th in the world for his last 2 years.

    The Interski Congress is held every four years to compare teaching methodologies and technique among nations to ensure the continued development of snowsports. The Canadian representatives use this event to gather information regarding current trends and ideas in teaching to ensure Canada remain at the forefront of ski and snowboard instruction.

    It can not be argued that Bruce is a god of the ski world with all his success and ski experience! He is passionate about the sport but above all is a dedicated teacher. As Bruce comments ‘I always have fun teaching gappers. I consider it the best job in the world. Come to ski with us and I will continue to pass on my passion for skiing to you’.

    Join us so Bruce and the rest of our team of Level 4 instructors can help you improve your skiing and snowboarding skills and technique.


  • by Charlotte Dawson

    A winter wonderland experience

    Quinzhee building, ice bar with snofa, maple taffy, caribou, s’mores and roasted marshmallows round the campfire…sounds like a ‘once in a lifetime’ winter experience to me! And that’s exactly what this is…


    Quinzhee building
    Taking a seat on the snofa!
    The ice bar is fully stocked!

    Don’t be fooled, the first part of the day is tough! We kick off with a briefing from our resident action man, Jason, on the best technique to build a safe quinzhee for the purpose of survival. Then a couple of hours spent digging your quinzhee (a snow cave, similar to an igloo) is no mean feat, but hugely rewarding.


    A duo digging their snow cave
    Perfecting the inside of her quinzhee!
    Finally into his new home!

    After perfecting our quinzhees, work commenced on the ice bar and snofa (sofa made of snow!), but it doesn’t end there. After a lunch break, we head out again to enjoy a well-earned drink and festivities around the campfire.

    The ice bar is well stocked with Caribou (a traditional Québécois drink similar to mulled wine) and whisky for our resident Scots! We also indulged in s’mores (fire-roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two crackers) and maple taffy (maple syrup poured onto snow and then lifted with a popsicle stick) – possibly the best sugar candy you can get, all the while keeping an eye out for shooting stars.

    Before you know it, we had the guitar out and a brilliant rendition of Oasis ‘Wonderwall’ was being belted out at the top of our lungs while dancing round the camp fire! Who doesn’t love a good sing along?!

    The finishing touches!
    Ice bar in progress...
    Guitar playing round the roaring campfire
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