Must watch films & documentaries from the ski world

We love watching ski movies, eating pizza and drinking beers! Make the most of your time at home and start watching films with us.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be making sure we get a dose of action from the mountains (albeit through a screen). Join us each week, watching a different movie from the list below and then chatting about it on social media. Grab some popcorn and settle in…

Here’s our selection of the ski and snowboard films to help remind us of the beauty of the mountains, why we need to protect them so we can continue skiing and snowboarding.

Chasing Ice

A stellar documentary illustrating the effects of global warming, capturing ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at an alarming rate.

Before the flood

A fascinating account of the dramatic changes occurring around the world due to climate change, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.

All I can – Sherpas Cinema

A film comparing the challenges of big mountain skiing to the challenges of global climate change.

Eddie The Eagle

Inspired by the true story of a courageous British ski-jumper who never stopped believing in himself to make it to the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, against the odds.

Chalet Girl

A romantic comedy where a young girl heads to the mountains to work as a chalet girl.


Follows a group of the world’s most talented skiers and snowboarders, while brilliantly capturing the beautiful landscapes and expansive freeriding in Norway.


A masterpiece of the the freeski scene. The riders in Passenger push the limits of park and freeride skiing.

The Fourth Phase

An epic snowboarding film, exploring the untapped backcountry of Wyoming.

The Art of Flight

Cutting-edge cinematography and the freestyle snowboarding ever captured. This film features equal parts action and adventure.


Self-proclaimed, in a humorous way, as the “best ski movie ever”. It is the last feature length film to star Canadian skiing icon Shane McConkey before he died in a basejump ski accident.

We eagerly wait to return to the mountains next winter where we can make our own video edits! Join us in making your own ski and snowboard clips.

Take inspiration from the beautiful, sweeping mountain shots, backcountry snowboarders exploring untouched powder and the park rats sending it off mega kickers and start planning how you’re going to spend next winter in the mountains.

Your best adventures on the slopes are yet to come!

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