The snow is just the beginning.

The very best instructors, pinch yourself experiences and an international family of friends. You’ll wish you could Ski le Gap every winter.

Awesome awaits.

Pack plenty of energy and prepare for 4, 10 or 12 weeks of incredible moments. During the day you’ll have a blast earning your internationally recognised qualification on the breathtaking slopes of Mont Tremblant, in the safe hands of the highest qualified instructors.

Apres-ski, you can build friendships over a drink before heading back to the chalet for home-made French Canadian cuisine and an evening of activities. Then, when the weekend arrives, you can chill or join everyone on a city trip, at an ice hockey game or simply stargazing by a campfire. It’s 24/7 fun.

Plus, we are the only provider of East to West coast experiences – both sides of the continent, in one epic trip.

Ski courses.

Choose from 4 and 10 week courses in Mont Tremblant on Canada’s east coast, or a full season on our East to West Coast course, with 6 weeks in Mont Tremblant and 6 weeks in Big White. With coaching from our team of experienced pros on all of our courses, you’ll take your ski technique way beyond what you thought was possible and have a heap of fun in the process.

Snowboarding courses.

Take your boarding skills to the next level on our improvement course, or gain your CASI Level 1 qualification on our intensive instructor course, both 4 weeks long. Or stay with us for a whole season and become a snowboard instructor on our 10-week ultimate experience. Whichever course you choose, when the learning’s over for the day, the fun-packed social program begins.

“Ski le Gap was definitely the best part of Holly’s gap year. She made so many good friends and had an absolute ball.”

Sir Richard Branson