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Memories and friendships that stand the test of time…

Ski le Gap creates bonds between students that last a lifetime. The unique shared experience, fantastic social life and strong camaraderie built on the slopes and in the bars of Mont Tremblant, cannot be easily forgotten.

Sarah Hargitay, from Burleigh, Gloucestershire, was one of Ski le Gap’s first ever students. She recently held a fun-packed 20-year reunion for Gappers of Class ’96 at a London restaurant earlier this year. Sarah took her Level 1, and then went on to teach in New Zealand for the rest of her gap year, before going on to work in fashion.

She says, “Most of us at the reunion are married with young children of our own, and we can’t wait to send them on Ski le Gap’s courses! We all agreed that doing the course by day, and partying by night, was the best fun we’d ever had!”

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Who’s who 20 years later! The Gappers out in London for their reunion party

Sarah Hargitay Gapper of 1996