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New Ski le Gap Team Members

The Ski le Gap family has grown! Meet Ant & Joey…

The key to Ski le Gap’s success lies without a doubt in its dedicated staff. Ant and Joey have joined us to help ensure you have an awesome season in the mountains.

Find out more about them from our fun Q&A session.

Who is Ant?

Ant grew up in Brighton. His love for adrenaline-based sports started when he became a semi pro BMX rider at the age of 15. During his teenage years, Ant was an avid skateboarder and surfer, often touring skate parks and surf beaches with his crew!

Ant got an apprenticeship to become an electro mechanical engineer. With his degree under his belt, he went off to travel the world, using his qualifications to get work wherever he went.

“I loved experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. I spent 10 years seeing the world and living in different places, qualifying as a snowboard instructor along the way”

Ant has now found the perfect balance of snow seasons in Canada and summers in Brighton!

Ant’s best story from the slopes…

“Well I have so many amazing tales to tell I don’t know where to start…. I just love being on the snow with friends, clients or anyone really!

No feeling is better than the rush of having put first tracks down a mountain on a bluebird, fresh powder day. In Canada we are spoilt with these days and they never get tiresome.

When you’re spraying snow waves and all you can hear is you and your buddies “whooping” as you all slide down the face of a mountain, that feeling of freedom and camaraderie can’t be beaten!”

Ant’s best Canadian food…

“My favourite food to eat in Canada is sashimi style salmon. The deep red colour and fresh flavour is incredible. Even if I do drench it in soy sauce and wasabi!”

Why did Ant become a snowboard instructor?

Ant has been in the industry 8 years and is CASI Level 3 qualified.

“I had no intention of becoming an instructor when I joined a gap course. I wanted to improve as a rider and experience a season in Canada where the vibe is unbeatable.

An instructor/gap courses enabled me to really develop my technique. My riding progressed beyond the level I could ever imagine. But I also came away with a qualification which in hindsight has been really valuable. I can honestly say it changed my life. Teaching people something you love is incredible.

I wouldn’t change a thing. I love getting up every day to pass the buzz I feel on to everyone I meet”

Tell us about yourself, Joey.

“Hi I’m Joey, and I’m from Surrey, UK. I have always been sport obsessed and travelled the world playing field hockey for most of my younger years.

My travelling bug led me to the snow! I skied a little when I was small but in my mid 20’s decided it was time to strap a snowboard on. I instantly loved it and have never looked back since!

I signed up for my Level 1 & 2 instructors’ course, as a very amateur rider, but now I am fully qualified and spend all my winters in Canada seeking the epic power!

I love to see people enjoy the sport I am passionate about. The buzz of mountain life in Canada is unbeatable!”

Why do you love Canada?

“Canada is awesome! The Canadians are such lovely, friendly people – they make you feel so welcome.

It is also the most beautiful place you will ever go. It is a winter wonderland!

Oh, and the snow! It’s dreamy! We are blessed in Canada with so much insane snowfall that it’s hard to ever take a day off the slopes. The instructors know all the best places for fresh tracks to be found in the trees and gully’s…I would never choose to go anywhere else.”

Favourite Canadian dish…

“If you love a portion of Chips & Gravy then there is a national dish in Canada called Poutine…you need to come and try it out!”

Favourite memory from when you trained to be a snowboard instructor?

“Hmm, this is a toughy! There are far too many to think of!

All I can say is I made lifelong friends doing my instructors course, met my fiancé, and so many wicked people, that every moment for me was incredible.

If I do have to mention one, then it was probably passing my CASI exams with everyone else and celebrating into the night!”

Come and join our awesome Ski le Gap squad in the mountains to experience some of these tales for yourself!

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